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Homeowners beyond Massachusetts: We’re happy to help you too!

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If you own a home outside of Massachusetts or have friends or family beyond our state borders, we’d like to spread the word that we’ve now expanded our service area for insulation installation and removal services to southern Maine and New Hampshire and northern Rhode Island. As always, we serve homeowners across Massachusetts as well.

The immeasurable benefits of a well-insulated home

Optimal comfort

A woman sitting on couch We all know New England homes need to be well-insulated against our region’s climate and the extreme temperatures we experience in winter and summer. But many New England homes are older and might have old, inadequate or inefficient insulation installed. An efficient, modern insulation system such as a “Hot Roof” maintains warmth in winter and coolness and dryness in the summer, so you always have optimal comfort across your living environment. No cold rooms or warm, non-conditioned spaces!

No weather-related impacts on your home

A building with snow on the roofAs a New England homeowner, there are issues that extreme cold and heat can cause, such as ice dams and frozen pipes in winter, and dampness and mold in summer. With a “Hot Roof” installed in your attic as well as insulation in your basement and walls, you can prevent ice dams and frozen pipes while keeping your home dry and mold-free in the humid months. The high-tech insulation system we install using cellulose and the Intello protective membrane also manages moisture so you can prevent moisture-related issues such as roof rot.

Energy efficiency!

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New Englanders also have the challenge of keeping heating and cooling costs down, especially while prices have been on the rise. With a “Hot Roof,” you increase your home’s energy efficiency, which reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the environment, but, more importantly, lowers your energy bills! We know what the costs can be of the region’s weather and temperature swings. By investing in insulation, you not only save up to 50% on energy costs but also get a return on that investment in 3-5 years. Plus, the energy cost savings continue on for the entire life of your home.

See our video of a hot roof installation and how we insulate your home to make it more comfortable and help you save on your energy costs:

Learn more about our expanded service area and the incentives and benefits to homeowners in Maine and New Hampshire.

Hot Tip:

Formaldehyde is a chemical that is often found in homes, particularly in certain types of insulation, and

it poses a serious health risk. If you have an older home or old insulation, have it checked for the presence of this chemical.

Cool Fact:

Having a newly insulated and energy-efficient home will help increase your home’s value on the market.