We do commercial building insulation too

Commercial building owners and managers: We’re your commercial insulation provider.

Here at Dolphin Insulation, we have invested in educating our team on insulating large buildings and we are committed to providing commercial building owners with the same exceptional insulation products and services we deliver to our homeowner customers. You can count on our well-trained team of insulation installers to perform high-quality work in a timely manner and to your complete satisfaction.

Two trucks parked in front of an apartment building, ready to provide insulation services.

Energy-saving incentives for large commercial buildings

With the current high cost of energy products, it’s critical to cut energy usage as much as possible without sacrificing the comfort of your occupants or enabling other issues such as moisture and mold. There is no better way to reduce your energy usage and costs than insulating. Even if your building is currently insulated, the insulation could be old, not sealing the building’s envelope properly or have issues such as rodent feces, insects, or mold, which can create toxic conditions for the building’s occupants.

Increasing or improving your insulation can significantly improve energy efficiency. By properly insulating your building, you can lower energy costs by as much as 50% and improve the performance and longevity of HVAC equipment while ensuring building durability.

Incentive programs are currently in existence offering funds for energy-saving projects for large buildings. That means there’s no better time to boost your energy-saving game and insulate.

Commercial insulation projects

Our commercial insulation projects experience includes police stations, schools, churches, new apartment buildings/complexes, and retrofits.

Residences at Tewksbury Commons

Six buildings, 13,000 square feet each.

We conducted a large open blow of cellulose insulation, using about 4,000 bags, to protect the apartment complex’s sprinkler system, keep residents’ homes more comfortable and dramatically reduce energy usage.

Interior view of a home's attic, featuring exposed wooden beams.
Interior of a room with wooden beams and insulation.

Interior of a house attic featuring exposed wooden beams.
A ceiling covered in a substantial amount of insulation, providing a protective layer and enhancing its durability.

Lynnfield Church – Large open blow of cellulose

A truck parked in front of a church.

Attic interior illuminated by a light, alongside insulation boards.
Attic of a house with wooden floor.

St. Mary’s Church in Ayer, MA – Large open blow of cellulose

Two trucks parked in front of a church on a sunny day.

Contact us for a free assessment of your building’s current insulation conditions and energy-saving potential. We will help you understand the benefits of various insulation products for your building and work with you to install products that fit both your needs and financial goals.