Another natural solution to improving your home’s air quality

To make the air quality in your home more pleasant, inviting and comforting as well as toxin-free, try essentials oils, available from Young Living. Essential oils can be used with diffusers to naturally improve home air quality, but they can also be used to freshen laundry, flavor food and drinks, or enhance DIY cosmetics and cleaners. You can have both a clean house and breathe clean air inside it!

Essential oils are a green, naturally-derived alternative to standard synthetic products that is safe for use on your skin, around your family and in your home. Studies are currently being done to confirm the ability of essential oils to also calm everyday stress and promote restful sleep. Diffusing essential oils (such as lavender) can definitely have a calming effect.
Hundreds of essential oils are available, each with unique benefits and uses, and they are offered as singles, with diffusers and in gift collections. If you are looking for gift ideas, essential oils and diffusers by Young Living are practical as well as thoughtful for any holiday or occasion (Valentine’s, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc.).

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

We highly recommend Young Living as they are the only essential oil company that offers a seed-to-seal stamp, and they have the highest level of purity on the market. We want you to be in a healthy environment, which is why we won’t use or offer products until we have seen how they are developed and tried them in our own homes. We have seen Young Living’s fields and processes and determined they offer something we can get behind.

As a Young Living partner, Dolphin invites you to make the switch from any home air freshening and cleaning products you are using with artificial fragrances and toxic ingredients to a product that will improve your overall quality of life.

Contact Heather at our office to learn more and place an order: 978-431-5022, She can answer all your questions about essential oils and help you solve your indoor air quality issues.