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Let the experts at Dolphin Insulation create the perfect all-season indoor climate, no matter the weather outside!

Serving our customers is infused into everything we do. Homeowners, builders, contractors, and our very own employees solidify our foundation. Our company is built on quality and fortified with genuine interaction. It is designed to withstand the elements and change with the times. High quality isn’t one of the options we offer, it’s the only option we offer. It’s etched into our products and coated onto our services. Most importantly, it’s the only type of interaction we are capable of having with members of our community. You supply us with your challenges and we’ll lay out quality solutions. It’s that simple.

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Ice Dams

Ice dams are common here in New England and as pretty as they can be to look at, they can wreak havoc on buildings and costs the owners a lot of money in repairs.

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Heat Loss

Did you know properly insulated homes can stay warm for days on their own with just heat from the sun and appliances when the heat is no longer escaping?

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Indoor Air Quality

Mold is a tenacious substance that can take root in the presence of moisture. Mold can grow on many substances, including sheetrock and fiberglass insulation.

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Homeowners who choose cellulose insulation get the added value of superior sound control as it is widely used to help limit exterior & interior noise.

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Hot & Humid Homes

Your air conditioning works hard to make the inside of your home more comfortable, but it really doesn’t have to!

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