Dolphin Insulation is a family-owned business run by father and daughter, Chris and Amanda Alphen. Chris has been in the home construction and renovation business since the 1980s, and for several years was joined by daughter Tiffany. Amanda joined in 2008 when the company shifted to dedicating itself to insulation services. In 2022, the company officially expanded its service offerings to include general contracting and project management. Dolphin Insulation serves homeowners in southern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, northern Rhode Island and Connecticut, and across Massachusetts.

Chris and Amanda have educated themselves on how to run a construction business and the fundamentals of building science, and they send their team to school as well, ensuring everyone is continuously up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends. When we assess each customer’s home, we look at how it could be better sealed to retain heat or air conditioning, how home renovation projects can be best executed, and how we can eliminate harmful effects such as allergens and mold to maintain healthy indoor air quality. As part of our aim to be a problem-solving company, we will test products in our own homes and use our knowledge to educate our customers.

  • Amanda Alphen
    Amanda Alphen
  • Chris Alphen
    Chris Alphen
  • Chris Matlick
    Chris Matlick
    Building Analyst
  • Troy Randall
    Troy Randall
  • Karen Silva
    Karen Silva
    Operations Manager
  • Tom Ducharme
    Tom Ducharme
    Insulation Specialist and HERS Rater
  • Heather Cierri
    Heather Cierri
    Administrative Assistant