Insulation Helps in Summertime Too – Both with Cooling and Beating Humidity

When you have a combination of 90 degrees and even just 58-65% relative humidity, it can become very uncomfortable in your home environment. Over 60% humidity and it’s getting oppressive.

Your air conditioning works hard to make the inside of your home more comfortable, but it really doesn’t have to!

Insulate before you invest in a new AC!

If you are looking to improve the comfort of your home this summer and thinking about installing a big central AC system, think about insulating first!

We tell people all the time: you don’t need to invest in a large AC system when a smaller one will do. That’s because our dense-pack cellulose insulation acts as a barrier to the heat outside, keeping it from penetrating your home. Your home stays cool despite the hot weather. It can be 90 degrees outside, but your home will be 70 degrees inside. Our insulation also helps with reducing relative humidity levels.

You really only need enough AC (or a dehumidifier) to reduce humidity, which an AC system does exceptionally well as long as it is installed in the air-conditioned space in your home and not in your attic. With our insulation in your home, your AC will work less and enable you to save on your energy bills. Customers have told us that they have saved almost 90% on their electric bill due to the decreased need to run the AC. That shows the insulation is doing all the work to keep your home cool. On a dry day, the AC isn’t going to run because the humidity isn’t there.

The change that homeowners see after installing our insulation is dramatic. There are no more hot bedrooms on the second floor, or hot rooms on one side of the house. Your house stays uniformly cool, dry and at your desired level of comfort.

So, how do we accomplish this?

When we insulate your home, we dense-pack our cellulose insulation, installing three times as much as typical insulation installers. This creates a mass that heat (and cold) cannot get through. Plus, we put the insulation behind a membrane to hold it in place, provide a thermal barrier and optimize its performance.

The greater the mass of insulating materials, the more comfortable your living space will be.

A unique quality of our insulation is that it is hydroscopic, meaning it manages the humidity and the moisture, protecting the wood in the house from rotting. Our insulation is the only product that doesn’t rot the wood. The foam and fiberglass insulation products stay wet and sit up against the wood, keeping it wet. Our insulation absorbs the moisture and then dries out like a paper towel would with the water evaporating to outside the home.

Higher quality comfort for half the cost.

Remember when cars went from 8 cylinders to 4 to save energy use? Their costs came down as well. It’s the same with our insulation system. You get an immense, energy-saving barrier to the heat and cold, and you spend half of what you would on a new heating or AC system.

Who knew that insulation could help you be more comfortable in the summer (as well as the winter) and take control of your energy bills at the same time?

That’s the Dolphin Difference.