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What would you do if you saved thousands on energy bills?

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One of our customers went on a cruise to the Caribbean!

Over the past year, we’ve relayed the unbelievable energy savings experienced by a homeowner in Littleton. They’ve shared the gas heating bills they’ve received since doing a major insulation installation and, even with the current higher heating costs, they are paying only around $100-$200 per month for heat and hot water in the winter months. That’s why we say “unbelievable.” But we have proof (see below)!

How can you have a heating bill that’s around $150 or less?

The simple answer is to insulate! But using the right products and techniques makes a huge difference.

Here’s the story of what we did to this homeowner’s house to make it so energy-efficient and cost-effective. The results were not only amazing but also realized immediately, giving the homeowner a quick return on their insulation investment.

Snapshot of this Energy-Saving Home:

Type of home: 2500 square foot, 2-story house
Type of heating system: Gas
Type of water heater: Gas (Gas bill covers both heat and hot water)
# of people living in home taking showers, running laundry, etc.: 5
Type of insulation installed: Cellulose, dense-packed
What we did: Insulated the basement, attic and all the walls to seal the entire thermal envelope of the house. Also installed thermal doors and windows on the first floor

The Results:

Below is the bill for January, the coldest month of the winter. This is as much as the homeowner will ever have to pay in a month for heat, hot water and cooking for 5 people!

National Grid electricity bill for the month of January 2024. Includes usage details, charges, and payment due date.

According to the homeowner’s December 2023 gas bill (below), they used 50% less energy than their “efficient neighbors.” That’s because when your thermal envelope is insulated with dense-packed cellulose, there is barely any wasted energy. Snow on the neighbor’s roof will melt due to heat loss through the attic (which can refreeze and cause ice dams). But not this homeowner’s roof!

A scanned copy of a National Grid bill displaying energy-related information and services.

Below is the energy usage report for December 2023. The HVAC system only ran ONE HOUR the entire month while the living area maintained an average temperature of 69.4 degrees! Total comfort!

December energy report text on green background.

See how we can insulate your home with a “hot roof” installation, making it more comfortable and helping you save on your energy costs.