Homeowners who choose cellulose insulation get the added value of superior sound control as it is widely used to help limit exterior noise as well as interior noise between rooms. Cellulose insulation is an excellent acoustic insulator capable of absorbing high frequencies of 200 to 2,000 hertz.

Noise Reduction Coefficient measures the build-up of noise within a space. A NRC number index rating is used to measure the sound absorption quality of a material. Cellulose Insulation products have an NRC rating of .80 or higher depending on the product, and the wall, floor or ceiling design where the material is installed. What this means is Cellulose Insulation can absorb 80% or more of the sound it comes into contact with!

The first thing homeowners that work with us notice after we insulate is that they aren’t hearing the trash trucks or lawnmowers outside anymore and how much quieter and more peaceful it is inside the home.  Another thing they notice is that their heating and cooling systems aren’t turning on nearly as much because the home is holding the air inside the house. They aren’t hearing the banging of the systems turning on and off anymore especially at night when everyone is trying to sleep. We can also densepack interior walls with cellulose insulation to stop noise travel from room to room.

Just another added benefit to proper insulation. “Serenity.”

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