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Image above: Insulated attic wall with Intello covering dense-pack Igloo cellulose.

Cellulose Insulation by Igloo Insulation that is natural, non-toxic, efficient and affordable.

Cellulose provides all the advantages and benefits of an efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable thermal and acoustic insulation solution. Igloo cellulose insulation consists of materials that are safe, natural and biodegradable and have anti-corrosive, anti-mold and anti-vermin properties. Igloo cellulose is also fire-resistant and will delay the spread of fire. Notably, cellulose insulation is hygroscopic, which means the cellulose fibers have the unique ability to manage moisture, working just like a paper towel by absorbing any moisture and then naturally drying itself out. More importantly, Igloo cellulose offers excellent thermal resistance and, unlike other insulation products, retains 100% of its insulating value in extreme cold weather conditions. It contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of the home’s envelope and provides the opportunity for substantial savings on energy bills.  


  • Offers both thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Provides anti-corrosive, anti-mold and anti-vermin protection
  • Resists and delays the spread of fire
  • Manages moisture
  • Retains 100% of insulating value in extreme weather conditions
  • Contributes significantly to the home’s energy-efficiency
  • Delivers substantial savings on energy bills

Intello by Pro Clima – Internal insulation sealing The Intello system for interior sealing of insulation contains and protects the densely packed cellulose.

The Intello membrane is stretched across the open walls, roofs, ceilings or eaves and then the cellulose is pumped in behind the Intello membrane. Tescon Vana adhesive tape is used with the Intello membrane to seal the insulation and ensure an airtight bond. Intello is a vapor-retardant, airtight membrane that provides the best protection against moisture and mold-infested elements, facilitating a healthy indoor environment. Intello’s hydrosafe behavior provides the best possible protection from mold and potential damage, as it stops any moisture from the roof from entering the living space and it allows any moisture from the living space to escape and will dry itself out. Intello’s permanent protection performance is officially tested and certified. 


  • Contains and protects insulation
  • Guards against moisture and mold development

Customer Feedback “Energy bill this July (2021) vs. last year looks fantastic (more than 50% less)! Last year, we didn’t even keep the AC on in our in-law, and our master bedroom always felt hot. This year, the entire house is at 72 and it feels great everywhere.” – George Jagodzinsk

Windows and doors manufactured by OPTIWIN High quality, energy-saving smart windows

OPTIWIN windows and doors provide airtight energy efficiency yet have a timelessly classic design. Offered frameless, in wood/aluminum combinations and attractive varieties of pure wood, both the windows and doors can be customized to individual design needs and wishes. A wide range of handle designs and fittings is also available for both windows and doors. OPTIWIN windows and doors are internationally tested for high performance thermal insulation values and certified as passive house due to their thicker, triple-glazed glass. Developed according to the latest technological standards, OPTIWIN’s windows and doors deliver both outstanding quality and optimal levels of comfort throughout the year, keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer. OPTIWIN’s products possess exceptional durability that offers the best protection against the outside elements, such as intense sun, cold and driving rain, and reinforces the home against noise and burglary.


  • Deliver airtight energy-efficiency
  • Provide high-performance thermal insulation
  • Offer protection against intense sun, cold wind and driving rain
  • Reinforce against noise and burglary

Pictured: OPTIWIN ENTRADA Front Door Series OPTIWIN Single frame – Triple-Pane Fixed Dual frame – Triple-Pane Tilt & Turn

Extoseal Encors by Pro Clima Waterproof sealing tape for interior and exterior use.

Used in our door and window installations, Extoseal Encors is a robust sill tape used to create a waterproof connection to and under window and door frames and provide excellent protection to all building components. It offers complete water protection with a watertight seal, vapor retarding qualities and the ability to block rising moisture. Extoseal Encors is self-sealing and bonds to all surfaces, adapting flexibly to rough substrates and corners, and around nail and screw holes. It maintains extremely high adhesion even to slightly damp and cold surfaces. The tape is temperature, UV and weather resistant and has no VOC off-gassing.


  • Creates a waterproof connection, protecting all building components
  • Offers vapor retarding qualities, blocking rising moisture
  • Maintains high adhesion, even to slightly damp and cold surfaces
  • Possesses temperature, UV and weather resistance

SOLITEX MENTO by Pro Clima Air-tight, vapor-permeable and weather-resistant exterior house wrap.

SOLITEX MENTO is a triple-layer, air-tight wrap that provides a robust UV and weather resistive barrier (WRB) in walls, crawl spaces, and for temporary roofing. It is an actively vapor-open, monolithic membrane of non-porous TEEE film that is extremely waterproof and outperforms other WRB wraps in water tightness, drying potential and airtightness.


  • Offers maximum UV and weather protection
  • Maintains water-tight and air-tight coverage

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