Insulation Installers in New Hampshire

Insulation contracting, installation and removal for homeowners in southern New Hampshire

As a homeowner, it’s not enough that you have to deal with New England weather and its mood swings, there are the issues that extreme cold and heat can cause, such as ice dams and frozen pipes in winter, and dampness and mold in summer.

A properly-insulated home keeps you warm and comfortable in the winter and cool and dry in the summer while increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Newer and more modern insulation also keeps your home dryer and free of allergens, preventing mold growth and ensuring healthy air quality. By installing a “hot roof” (insulation of the walls and roof of your attic) as well as insulating your basement and walls, you can prevent ice dams and frozen pipes. Plus, your HVAC won’t need to run as often, saving you money on maintenance and adding to its longevity. But the biggest savings is with your energy usage and costs ¾up to 50%!

We Participate in New Hampshire Programs Offering Huge Incentives for Energy Audits and Weatherization

New Hampshire provides statewide energy efficiency assistance and incentive programs for state residents to help them lower barriers to energy efficiency, offering rebates and incentives to make energy efficiency upgrades more affordable.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with taking advantage of New Hampshire’s energy efficiency incentive programs.

Dolphin Insulation’s Services to New Hampshire Homeowners

Cellulose insulation installation

We use only all-natural cellulose insulation in our insulation installations as it is cleaner and safer for your home. In addition to optimizing your home’s comfort, cellulose is also hygroscopic, which means the cellulose fibers allow the insulation to work just like paper towel by absorbing any moisture and then naturally drying itself out. The Intello membrane we use to hold the cellulose insulation in place is “vapor-intelligent,” releasing any moisture rather than trapping it and further ensuring no moisture issues emerge, such as roof rot and mold.

Hot roof installation

Insulating the walls and roof of your attic can have a major positive impact on your home’s comfort level and energy use. You’ll achieve uniform warmth or air conditioning across the home. If your HVAC system is in your attic, a hot roof places it in the home’s conditioned space, allowing it to work less and more efficiently.

Old insulation removal

If you have old insulation, it has likely lost its effectiveness and could even be toxic. Old insulation typically collects mold, insects and rodent feces over time, creating an unhealthy situation that can affect the air quality in the home. Before installing new insulation, we remove any old insulation so you have nothing but fresh, clean insulation in your home.

Get a Huge Return on Your Insulation Investment

As a homeowner in New Hampshire, you know what the costs can be of the region’s weather and temperature swings. By investing in our insulation products, as well as taking advantage of New Hampshire’s energy efficiency incentives, you can start saving immediately on energy costs and get a return on your investment in 3-5 years. The energy cost savings will continue on for the entire life of the home.