New England has more older buildings than any other area of the country, many dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries and with historical significance. These buildings need special attention when insulating them as many were not built with insulation originally or may contain antiquated forms of insulation such as newspaper, corn cobs, and even seaweed. Older buildings were also built in architectural styles with steeper or more low-pitched rooves or other features not found in modern homes.

We Take Older Buildings From Drafty to Airtight

That’s why we have built experience and acquired specialized training in insulating older, historic buildings and homes. Plus, with the cellulose insulation we use blown into the target areas such as attics, walls and basements, we can get into every nook and cranny in these unique buildings.

Our historic building projects

Below are two examples of older and historic buildings we have insulated in recent years. Both of these projects involved insulating all of the walls of the building by creating openings from the outside and blowing in densepacked cellulose insulation.

1725 Home – Deacon John Brooks House,
Acton, MA

A white house with a sign on the front.

A man using a drill to repair a wall.
Two construction workers on ladders renovating a house.

Parish Center for the Arts, Westford, MA

A man using a crane to work on a house, demonstrating construction and engineering skills.

A man using a ladder to work on a house, demonstrating construction and maintenance activities.
Two painters working on the outside of a wooden house.