What can I do about the higher energy costs?

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If you’re a homeowner, that may be a question you are asking yourself.

Since it seems like the higher energy costs may be here to stay, and New England weather certainly isn’t going away, it may be time to take some action. You may have tried quick fixes such as weatherization techniques around the home, performing maintenance on your heating system to ensure it runs efficiently or installing programmable thermostats. We know many people are lowering their thermostats to conserve on heat and sacrificing comfort in the process.

Finding a Solution

The problem for many folks is that the higher energy costs are blowing up their budget to the point that they can’t afford to invest in a real, permanent solution. We totally get that. But in the long term, there is a bigger cost to doing nothing.

Take a look at the chart below of the gas therm usage of a home in Littleton over the past eight winters. The decrease in therm usage is attributed to insulating the home over time, along with installing thermal windows and doors in the 2-story home’s lower level. The living space was also increased over that time due to an addition that was put on.

Littleton House thermal usage

This home went from using 150-250 therms in 2016 (when the owner purchased the home) to using 50 therms today. At today’s heating prices, the homeowner’s 2016 therm usage would cost them several hundred dollars more PER MONTH to heat the home.

This is their heating bill this month:

Expensive heating bill

Who do you know that paid only $148.39 for heating a 2500 square foot home in February???

By insulating your home with a “hot roof” (insulation of the walls and roof of your attic), you’ll be warmer and more comfortable in the winter while increasing your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll be preventing ice dams and frozen pipes (and the costs that come with them). Plus, your HVAC won’t need to run as often, saving you money on maintenance and adding to its longevity.

But the biggest savings is with your energy usage and costs up to 50%! which you start getting immediately. Yes, you need to make an investment up front, but you get a return on your investment in only 3-5 years, and the energy cost savings continue on for the entire life of the home.

See our video of a hot roof installation and how we insulate your home to make it more comfortable and help you save on your energy costs:

Learn moreabout increasing your home’s comfort and reducing energy costs.

Hot Tip:

When you install the right insulation system, you can save on energy bills all year round, with your AC as well as your heating costs. A well-insulated home will keep you cool and dry in the summer as well as warm and comfortable in the winter.

Cool Fact:

Insulation can create uniform warmth and comfort throughout the home, especially on the 2nd floor. So, everyone has a warm bedroom (no more wearing sweats to bed!) and you can use all your spaces comfortably in the winter.