Will New Insulation Reduce my Energy Bill?

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Here at Dolphin we are asked daily if new insulation will really reduce an energy bill. The answer is yes: insulation plays a large role in reducing your energy bill.

Insulation prevents the air inside your house from leaving; that is why it’s important to have the right type of insulation installed.

So, how does insulation work to reduce your energy bill in the summer and winter months?

In the winter:

  • It keeps the warm air inside
  • Prevents drafts in the home
  • Creates uniform temperature in home, eliminating cold spots

In the summer:

  • Prevents sun’s heat on attic and ceiling from reaching inner walls of the home
  • Keeps cold air inside home
  • Prevents homes without air conditioning from increasing internal temperature throughout the day

Once you have the proper insulation, you will not only save energy, but your home will be comfortable in any season.

Here at Dolphin, we only install cellulose insulation. This type of insulation has the highest mass-to-R value ratio of any insulation product, and helps regulate temperatures better than any other insulation material. This means less energy spent and more money saved.

For more on how insulation can lower your energy bill, watch the video below: