Will Insulation Get Rid of External Noise?

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A frequently asked question we get here at Dolphin Insulation is “Can insulation help get rid of external noise in my home?”

The answer is yes. External noise can be noticeable in a house that isn’t insulated, but once insulation is installed the external noise is not heard. A great way to prove this is to tell you a story from one of our customers who had problems with external noise before Dolphin installed insulation in their home.

Dolphin worked with a retired couple who lives in a home across from a Gun Club. Every day they would hear gunshots. The day after insulation was installed in their home Dolphin called to see if the couple noticed a difference in their home. The homeowners said “In all the years we lived here, this is the first time we haven’t heard the guns at the Gun Club.”

As you can tell from this story, insulation is a great way to get rid of external noise in your home, which is an added bonus to saving money, energy, and keeping the indoor temperature more comfortable.

For more on how insulation gets rid of external noise watch the video below:


Dolphin Insulation only installs cellulose insulation, which is a green product made from recycled newspapers. Cellulose is incredibly effective at stopping air movement and stopping airborne sound. In fact, cellulose’s sound absorbing characteristics are better than any other insulation product on the market.

Cellulose is not just good for soundproofing; it works in so many other ways, such as reducing heat loss & carbon emissions, saving money and keeping bugs and insects out.