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Staying Cool and Dry Without Spending a Bundle

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When it’s hot and humid like it has been lately, cooling your home and keeping it dry can be just as costly as heating it. You don’t want to sacrifice comfort, but more importantly, you don’t want to invite the issues that can arise in a home that’s hot and humid, such as moisture, mold and poorer air quality.

You may think you have no choice but to pay higher energy bills or that you should spend $$$$ on a new or upgraded AC system. But you’ve got better, less costly options!

You can actually keep your living spaces cool, dry and comfortable while keeping your energy costs down. Yes, really! How, you may ask?

By insulating, particularly installing a “Hot Roof” system, you can make your home comfortable all year round — warm in winter as well as cool and dry in summer. Your HVAC will not have to run as often, which extends its life expectancy. If you have installed a ductless mini-split/heat pump system, a well-insulated home will enable it to run at peak performance. Some of our customers have found they only need to run their AC or ductless split system on the Dehumidify setting.

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Numerous benefits of insulating

By allowing your HVAC system to run less as well as sealing your home from warm and cold drafts, you save as much as 50% off your energy bill!

Another benefit of insulating is the ability to manage moisture and the mold it creates. The cellulose insulation we use controls moisture by acting like a paper towel and absorbing it and then drying out.

The Intello membrane we use to hold the cellulose insulation in place is “vapor-intelligent,” meaning it opens and closes as needed to release any moisture rather than trapping it. Both products ensure no moisture issues emerge, such as mold or roof rot.

Yet another advantage of insulating is improved air quality. Cellulose is a natural, green product, so it doesn’t emit toxic fumes. Since it stops humidity, it prevents allergens and insects as well as mold from invading your home.

Living in a cool, dry and comfortable home while lowering your electricity bills is a real possibility this summer, as the effects of insulating can be felt immediately!

Learn more about how insulation helps your home in summertime

See our video of a hot roof installation and how we insulate your home to make it more comfortable and help you save on your energy costs.

Cool Fact:

If installed properly, insulation lasts the life of your home. The upfront investment may be 5 figures but you get a ROI in 5-6 years due to energy savings that will continue for years to come.

Hot Tip:

Assess the air quality in your home because substances such as mold, allergens and/or formaldehyde may exist and could make family members ill.