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Ready to have some serenity in your home?

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Are you dealing with noisy neighbors or tenants? Or are you constantly hearing the outdoor sounds of traffic, lawnmowers, garbage trucks, snowplows, and barking dogs when inside your home?

If you have a home office, a sleeping infant, or are just ready for some peace and quiet, you might be surprised to learn that cellulose insulation has impressive sound-deadening properties. It can be used to muffle not only exterior noise but also interior noise between rooms or units in a multi-family home.

Cellulose insulation: An excellent acoustic insulator

Excess insulation in an old house.
Cellulose insulation is capable of absorbing high frequencies of 200 to 2,000 hertz. Standard insulation products absorb some sound, but cellulose insulation absorbs more. It also reduces the reverberation that causes a sound to echo or bounce back into a room, creating disturbing feedback. Cellulose insulation will reduce sound transmission through the walls and also improve the sound within a room.

Sound deadening is just one more of the added benefits of cellulose insulation!

Learn more about exactly how cellulose insulation can give you sound control in your home.

See a video demonstration of how well cellulose insulation works to prevent outside noise from disturbing your peaceful home.

Cool Fact:

Cellulose insulation’s Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating (the measure of the build-up of noise within a space) is typically .80 and higher, which means that cellulose insulation can absorb 80% or more of the sound it comes into contact with!

Hot Tip:

When designing, building or renovating a building, or finishing a basement, it is important to include soundproofing in your walls and ceilings. You can reduce or prevent sound transmission through walls by installing cellulose insulation at the time of construction.

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