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Be Prepared For Higher Cooling Costs

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We may think that because winter is behind us, the higher energy costs are as well. But as we all know, energy is needed for cooling as well. We’re forecast to have another hot summer, and it looks like it will be a rainy one as well. In addition to cooling, you’ll need to control humidity and the above-normal chance of rain means you’ll need to control moisture. With increased moisture, it’s easier for mold to build inside your home, creating an issue that can impact your home’s air quality and your family’s health.

Cool off, stay dry and prevent mold while reducing energy costs THIS SUMMER!

It’s no secret we’re here to tout the benefits of insulation for achieving supreme comfort in your home and lowering energy bills!

What may surprise you is that you can experience immediate results! When we install a “Hot Roof” system in your home, you’ll reap the cooling, humidity-reducing and cost-saving benefits right away! You’ll see a significant reduction in your energy bill – as much as 50% or more. Come winter, you’ll be warm and cozy. PLUS, you’ll get a return on your investment in the Hot Roof in 5-6 years! And the energy savings will continue on and on for the life of your home.

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Any time is the best time to insulate your home and achieve greater energy efficiency and cost savings, as well as comfort.

Learn more about how insulation helps your home in the summertime.

See our video of a hot roof installation and how we insulate your home to make it more comfortable and help you save on your energy costs.

Cool Fact:

The Intello membrane we use to hold the cellulose insulation in place is “vapor-intelligent,” meaning it opens and closes as needed to release any moisture rather than trapping it. It ensures no moisture issues emerge, such as mold or roof rot.

Hot Tip:

Reduce outside noise and deaden sounds from outside and between rooms in the home through insulation.