Sleep in Heavenly Peace MA-Middlesex Co Chapter

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Sleeping in a cozy bed at night is something that people often take for granted. Many families are in desperate need of support and help for their children. There are so many kids, in surrounding areas, who are without a bed, and end up sleeping on floors and couches. This organization helps provide beds for the children of these families, so that they can sleep in comfort. A good night’s rest contributes to a child’s physical and mental growth, aids in learning and retention and keeps them active and cheerful. Kids need sleep to keep them healthy and happy, so we try to help make sure that your child is getting adequate rest and sleep.

How Dolphin Insulation Got Involved

We watched the show “Returning the Favor” in February of 2018 and realized we had everything we needed to become a part of this amazing organization from the warehouse to build the beds to the trucks to deliver them. We knew that we had the materials and space to start the first chapter in Massachusetts for Sleep in Heavenly Peace. The next step was to fly out to Idaho and complete training on how to build the beds and run a chapter. We learned quickly that this was a team effort and a great way to get a community involved in a great cause!

The Process

The first thing that kick starts the whole project is bringing a community together to raise money that will pay for the beds. We try to collect as much in donations as we can, through events, our website, and other fundraising methods.

The second step is to build the beds. We like to incorporate everyone who is interested, even if they have not worked or had experience with tools. We have the tools and a team of experts who are able to teach and aid our builders. We also host build days at our warehouse, which bring together certain communities to produce all the parts of the beds.

The beds are then ready to deliver. We accept the requests for the bed through our website and continue to schedule a date to bring the beds to their house. We invite people who contribute to our organization on delivery days. Delivery days allow people to see, directly, the difference they are making. You get to see the smiles on the kids’ faces, and heartfelt gratitude from the families. It is such a rewarding experience that makes a huge difference.

2019 In Review

We have had an amazing first year opening our own chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace! This year, as a team and community, we have built 320 beds, and out of those beds, we have delivered 300. We saw so many heart-warming smiles from bed recipients. Together, we have raised around $44,000, which enabled us to grow our organization, and inspire others.

We had a special event in 2019 called Bunks Across America. This was our attempt to break the world record and make 5,000 beds. We brought together over 100 people from our local community to make as many beds as we could at Littleton Lumber. This event was nationwide as every chapter across the country participated to break the world record and it was a day for everybody to offer their help to get kids off the floor, and into beds.

We are planning to bring this into 2020 and get as much help as possible. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our organization and we will get you involved. It take a village!