Cellulose Provides Quiet Relaxation

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Many noises outside, and between rooms of your home can be disrupting the peace inside of your house. This can be damaging to your concentration, and comfort. Many people do not pick the right insulation for sound-proofing their homes. Cellulose is one of the best insulation materials that will provide top-notch sound control.

Scientists conduct tests that measure the STC of different insulations. The STC is the measurement of a material’s resistance to the passage of sound, so the higher the STC number, the more sound is blocked. When compared to an empty wall and a wall filled with fiberglass, cellulose has the highest STC number. It has an STC rating of 44, which means that it is very difficult to hear loud speech.

Cellulose is a dense material with more mass. It is able to completely fill the spaces and gaps in the wall, preventing the sound from being carried throughout the building. When cellulose is sprayed into a home, it fits around wiring, plumbing, and other obstructions, not leaving spaces where sound can travel. It provides a comfortable and suitable living space.

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