Why We Use Cellulose

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Here at Dolphin Insulation, we use cellulose, instead of foam, to insulate houses. Cellulose is clean, affordable, safe, efficient, stable, and sound-proofing. Compared to foam, cellulose has much better qualities, and overall is more beneficial for you and your home.

Cellulose is the clean choice if you want to insulate your home. It is made from recycled newspaper and non-toxic products. When it is installed, you do not have to worry about your house being filled with toxic fumes or volatile compound emissions that are dangerous to your health. Cellulose also contains ingredients, like boron salt and pH-neutral formulation, that are anti-mold, and anti-vermin.

Some people might think that a product this good is expensive. This is NOT true. Cellulose has the best cost to efficiency ratio of all insulation materials. It contributes greatly to the energy efficiency of your building or house and cuts energy costs in half.

Unlike foam, Cellulose is a safe product and effective in the case of a fire. Cellulose does not ignite, and it delays the spread of the fire, allowing there to be more time to escape. The boron salt on the cellulose is a flame-retardant that will protect your building from fire. The cellulose fibers themselves actually block airflow and have low heat conductivity, preventing the fire from spreading. Cellulose gives you more time, and every second counts!

Buildings and homes that have cellulose installed benefit from a more stable and sustainable insulation due to its uniform density. Cellulose does not sag, degrade, or lose its insulating qualities over time. Cellulose lasts through the life of the building. Therefore, you are getting the most out of what you want for your building.

Choosing Cellulose over foam insulation will ensure safe, reliable, and long- lasting insulation. You are getting one of the best thermal and acoustic insulators on the market when you make this choice.