Home Insulation: Heat Conserved = $ Saved

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Insulation is always working to save energy, which translates to more money in your pocket.
We assess your home and target the problem areas, so you can:

• Stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer
• Save energy
• Save money

Making sure your home is well insulated is one of the most important pieces in keeping your home warm. The leading cause of heat loss in your home in the winter is the movement of heat through the floors, walls, ceilings, and roof. Warm air rises and leaves the home through holes near the ceiling. Cold air enters near the floor to replace it. (This is called the Stack Effect.) Insulating reduces this heat loss, leading to:

• less energy used to heat your home
• less money spent on heating

Insulation slows the movement of heat out of your home, which offers many benefits. For example, your home stays at a warmer temperature in the winter. The slowed heat loss contributes to less variation in the indoor temperature, keeping your home at a more stable temperature. Living in a constantly warm home improves your comfort indoors.

Also, installing insulation reduces the needed size of heating and cooling equipment in your home. Due to the slowed movement of heat in and out of your house, the equipment will have a smaller workload, and not need to take up much space. Since the overall temperature increases in your home, insulation also helps prevent condensation inside during the winter by keeping surfaces in your home warmer.

Not only does insulation offer benefits through the indoor temperature, it also contributes to structural strength by adding another layer of material within the building frame. This added layer reduces noise between the walls as it thickens the barrier between rooms. With the flame-resistant material that we use, insulation even improves your home’s fire resistance.

Installing insulation in a home is fairly easy, and more straightforward than sealing air leaks. All we need is access to the space in the building’s frame to start the process. When installed by the professionals at Dolphin, the effectiveness of the insulation is guaranteed. Before beginning a new installment process, we’ll make sure you understand all of the options – estimated cost of the job, access points, the location of already existing insulation, etc.

If you’re looking to save money and energy by insulating your home, contact us to see what we can do to improve your home insulation!