America’s Population: Consuming More Energy than Any Other

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Conserving energy has a ripple effect: when you save energy, you also save money. We know everyone likes saving money – but the importance of lowering energy consumption goes far beyond saving your cash. The actions that you take to conserve energy in your home can affect the entire environment. Each small action you take reduces the total amount of energy spent.

American homes use more energy overall than any other homes around the globe. Although the United States makes up only about 5% of the world’s population, we consume more than our fair share of energy. Our total energy consumption makes up a quarter of the energy used around the globe. This is five times the energy that we should be using in proportion to our population.

Knowing that the country you live in accounts for the single highest consuming country in the world, it is up to each one of us to do our part to lower this number. Any time you save energy, you help reduce the total amount of energy that America uses.

We are living in an era of change. As we exit a time of relying on fossil fuels for power, we enter into a life of renewable energy. By conserving energy and focusing on energy efficiency, we can bridge the gap between these two eras and bring in our future of renewable energy. The transition will not be an easy one, but each little step towards this new fuel of renewable energy sources will help to connect the eras and stop dependence on fossil fuels.

By both practicing energy efficiency (getting the most use out of the amount energy given) and conserving energy (reducing the use of nonrenewable energy), we can help do our part to make this transition possible.

One way we can exercise this is by conserving energy use in our home by means of insulation. Insulation helps to regulate temperatures inside your home by slowing heat transmission. Installing insulation helps keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. As a result, you spend much less energy maintaining an ideal temperature within your home.

A non-insulated home uses twice the amount of energy than an insulated home. In an insulated home, conserving twice the amount of energy means saving twice the amount of money.

Although energy is a familiar word in our society, the definition is not always obvious. Energy is a measurable amount of heat, work, or light. You can take measures to save each kind of energy in your home, but insulation specifically saves energy in the form of heat. Home insulation is one of the many ways you can easily help conserve energy. It is highly effective and offers both personal and environmental benefits.

We can help you take steps to conserving energy in your home through insulation. Read more about how home insulation can help lower your overall energy use, or contact us today to get started!