Are Your Home Improvement Projects Meeting Your Goals?

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When it comes to choosing a contractor for any home improvement project, how do you know their work will ultimately deliver the results you are looking for? Their end product may look beautiful and their team may leave your home spotless, but what about the materials they use and how they use them? Will the materials perform and last over time?  More importantly, will they be safe for your environment?

At Dolphin Insulation, we take a non-traditional approach with respect to the materials we employ in our insulation installations.  We use cellulose insulation, a natural, green product that is clean and safe for your home. Before installing it, we remove any old insulation, as outdated products tend to collect mold and rodent droppings over time, creating a toxic stew as well as becoming ineffective.

We then densely pack the cellulose behind a protective membrane to seal the envelope of your home. The vapor-intelligent Intello membrane works with the cellulose to manage moisture and prevent mold growth.

When installing our insulation system, we take the time to do it right, because once it’s done, your insulation needs are met for the life of your home. The non-toxic and fire-retardant cellulose and membrane system provides optimal thermal protection for your home with the thick barrier we like to see between your living space and the elements outdoors.

Your Comfort Matters

Our number one focus is ensuring you are comfortable in your home — cool in summer, warm in winter and free from the distractions of outside noise or the risks of environmental toxins or allergens.

Our unique approach to insulation not only ensures your home’s comfort, but also results in cutting energy costs in half, on average, as well as many other benefits. 

That’s why we call this approach “The Dolphin Difference.”

See how our super-performing insulation system comes together! Watch a time lapse of a “hot roof” insulation installation using Intello, Tescon Vana tape and Igloo cellulose insulation:

Hot Tip:

By keeping your home’s thermostat at 64 in a well-insulated home, you’re not using much heat, only an average of $111/month in natural gas for a 2,000 square foot home. In a well-insulated home, you can keep your home so comfortable at 64 that you can wear shorts and a tee shirt!

Cool Fact:

The Intello membrane we use to hold the cellulose insulation in place is “vapor-intelligent,” because it opens and closes as needed to release any moisture rather than trapping it. It ensures no moisture issues emerge, such as roof rot as well as mold.