Pam Skewes-Cox, Sudbury, MA

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April 21, 2015

I just had my attic insulated by Dolphin Insulation – this is a superb, small, family owned company that gives the very best in customer service. Insulating an attic is no picnic, yet the 6 workers who had to come up and down to the attic for two days running did it with patience, a great attitude, and total willingness to work with me on various issues. These were some of the nicest young men and women I have ever had here working on my historic 1811 house. They were polite, thoughtful, did a great clean up job, and I trusted each and every one of them to the point that when I had to go out, I left them all here, working hard. They were very hard workers, uncomplaining, and all skilled in their specific tasks. Insulating an attic with flooring is tedious work. They were careful pulling up the boards, and left things neat when they finished. And they love and care about animals! My dog loved them!