Your house is a Multi-Faceted System

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Your House is a Multi-Faceted System: How to Keep it Running Smoothly

Your house is more than a structure; it’s a constantly running system of disparate yet interconnected parts and functions. It’s parts and functions should work together to keep your home structurally sound, fortified against the elements and running efficiently.

Planning Home Projects

That’s why if you’re having multiple home projects done at the same time or arranging various projects for the near future, you want to plan and make sure you have your projects conducted in the proper order. For example, you would want to install insulation before putting up new walls or installing a new roof. Also, after removing old insulation, you should make any upgrades needed before installing the new insulation. After installing insulation in your attic, we recommend replacing the bath fan and upgrading the wiring and lighting. We will help you to further tighten up the home by bringing in any other contractors needed. It’s possible for multiple projects to be completed at once.

Assisting You With Your Projects

We have assisted homeowners with general contracting their projects as we often need to work closely with other contractors, such as roofers and electricians, on the installations we do. Because your house is a system and its components work in conjunction with one another, we proactively work with the other trades to ensure your house is running like a well-oiled machine. For example, if you are installing a new HVAC system in your attic, you would want to keep it (and the duct work) in the conditioned space of the home by insulating the attic roof. Having a “hot roof” helps your HVAC system run more efficiently and keep your home warmer.

Serving as Your General Contractor

If you’re planning upgrades and new projects in the new year, allow us to help you with planning and coordinating the projects and connect you tradespeople who are masters in their industry. We work with local contractors such as Apex Roofing, D’Ambrosio Electric, Spaulding Electric, Telford Plastering and Basnett Plumbing, Heating & AC.

By assessing the condition of your entire home, we do our due diligence and can locate any roadblocks (such as a bat family living in your attic). By collaborating with other contractors, we ensure the entire thermal envelope or boundary of your home is sealed from moisture and mold issues.

Contact us to learn more and schedule one of our building performance specialists for advice on creating a well-run and energy-efficient home.

Cool Fact:

Insulation can create uniform warmth and comfort throughout the home, especially on the 2nd floor. So, everyone has a warm bedroom (no more wearing sweats to bed!) and you can use all your spaces comfortably in the winter.

Hot Tip:

Planning to remodel or put on an addition in the new year? Make sure to well-insulate! The $$$$ you save on energy as a result can go toward the cost of the remodel!