You Don’t Need to Freeze to Offset Energy Costs

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Are you lowering your thermostat to save on the higher energy costs….and sacrificing comfort in the process?

By now, we’ve all received our first oil, gas or electric heat bills of the winter and many are already feeling the big pinch in our wallets. One tactic to offset the higher energy costs is to reduce usage by lowering the thermostat, but doing that means sacrificing comfort.

Many of us work from home these days, so we’re spending more time than ever in our homes. For most, the majority of our time is spent in the home, which is one reason why home renovation has been booming. The more work you do on your home, the more you want to enjoy it. But how can you enjoy it if you’re cold and uncomfortable?

The Way to Greater Comfort

To achieve greater comfort in your living environment, but still offset energy costs, insulation is the way to go. Installation of a Hot Roof, which is the insulation of all the walls and the roof of your attic, can make a MASSIVE difference in retaining the heat in your home. You’ll use less energy and your heating system won’t have to work as hard. In fact, you can set your thermostat to 62 degrees and be toasty warm! Your decreased energy use will lead to decreased energy bills ⎯ and potentially 50% in cost savings!

What’s more, as winter rolls on and more snowstorms come our way, the formation of ice dams will be prevented by the “Hot Roof.” Your wintertime cost savings from insulation will not only increase and continue year after year but also deliver a 5-6 year return on your insulation investment.

Need Proof?

See the December 2022 gas bill below for Dolphin owner Chris Alphen’s house. Cellulose insulation installed almost a year ago has reduced the number of therms used from 78 in Dec. 2021 to 45 in December 2022 and resulted in a gas heating bill of only $112.55 for the month!

Also see the December report below from Ecobee Thermostat for the same house. The HVAC in the home only ran 12 hours THE ENTIRE MONTH but maintained an average temperature of 69.4 degrees!

That is about a half hour a day and the home held the warmth the other 23.5 hours.

The data doesn’t lie! To get numbers and savings like these as well as ensure your home’s comfort this winter and all year round, contact us for a home assessment with one of our building performance specialists.

See our video of the steps we take in a hot roof installation and what it entails.

Cool Fact:

Insulation can create uniform warmth and comfort throughout the home, especially on the 2nd floor. So, everyone has a warm bedroom (no more wearing sweats to bed!) and you can use all your spaces comfortably in the winter.

Hot Tip:

You can save on energy bills all year round, with your AC as well as your heating costs, when you install the right insulation system.