Recent Report: Clean Energy Boosts Employment

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Earlier this fall, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released its annual report. The state as a whole put a lot of effort into improving our energy savings throughout the past year, and this report tells us that this work has paid off. The state’s clean energy industry has grown within the past year, and will continue to do so. Not only are we saving more, but the industry’s growth is also producing more jobs. While these gains are certainly good news, we are on the right track but the pursuit of energy efficiency has only begun.

Our state’s increasing energy savings are improving the job market and the state’s economy. This recent report places Massachusetts on the national leaderboard in efficient and renewable energy, while providing the state with many more job opportunities. Clean energy employment has climbed up to 2.4% of all workers within the past year. The industry’s growth has now surpassed the state’s insurance industry, and is up to half the size of Massachusetts’ information technology field. The numbers demonstrate how important this field is becoming.

The recent report is evidence that these energy conservation technologies offer many benefits to the state. It is also proof that legislative policy is key for the industry’s quick growth. In the past four years, Massachusetts has increased this industry’s size by 47%, and has increased the employment in the field by 10.5% in the past year. There are currently 88,372 workers employed in 5,985 different energy efficient firms. This means that those 88,372 employees are working to spread and improve energy efficiency.

While new technologies emerge and more jobs appear in energy efficient firms, the success of this industry depends on us. As Massachusetts’ residents, we can do our part by investing in energy savings. Each homeowner to participate in energy efficiency adds up. As a state, Massachusetts has demonstrated a desire to save—from the employees in energy efficiency all the way to homeowners. If we all continue to do our part and upgrade to energy efficiency, then our state will continue to increase saving.

Last week’s report predicts that the Massachusetts clean energy sector will soon exceed 6,000 employers. It is currently a $10 billion industry that accounts for about 2.5% of the state’s gross product. Solar development alone offers over 12,000 jobs and increasingly needs qualified employees. Employees in these energy saving sectors are more qualified than in the past. From developing the technology to maintaining it, the workers know what they are doing.

With the state placing such a strong importance on energy efficiency, we get a good look at the whole picture. Energy efficiency goes beyond efficiency light bulbs and air sealing—although these are some important aspects of the industry. Energy saving expands all the way to the job market. By investing in energy conservation, we save money, help the earth, and even decrease unemployment. It is a win all around.