Making air conditioning more cost-efficient

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With the warmer days of summer coming and energy prices at an all-time high, your household budget will likely be impacted once your AC is running on a regularly basis.

There are many ways you can maximize your energy use and become more energy-efficient. One way is to install insulation, particularly cellulose insulation, in your walls and attic.

Here are some benefits of insulating with cellulose:

  • You’ll be cooler and dryer, reducing your AC use and cutting energy costs by 50% or more
    Installing a “hot roof” or thick walls of cellulose insulation help your home stay cooler and dryer because the dense packing of the cellulose behind a protective membrane provides a barrier to the heat (or cold) outside.
  • Your AC won’t have to work so hard
    If your attic contains your heating and cooling systems, insulating it with a “hot roof” will enclose the systems in your conditioned space. Doing so allows your heating and cooling systems to not have to work as hard to attain the level of comfort you desire in your living space, saving you even more money on replacing those systems sooner rather than later.
  • You can invest in a smaller AC system
    If you are thinking about installing a big central AC system, think about insulating first! Because the densely packed cellulose insulation keeps your living space cool and helps with reducing relative humidity levels, you can go with a smaller AC system, saving you money on that investment. You really only need to run your air conditioning (or a dehumidifier) to reduce humidity, and your AC system will do this exceptionally well as long as it is installed inside the conditioned space.
  • You can better manage moisture and inhibit mold growth
    Unfortunately, air conditioning cannot counteract what humidity can do in various areas of your home that may or may not be air conditioned, such as your attic, basement, in your walls and other spaces where you would typically have insulation. Moisture collects and, as we all know, breeds mold and bacteria and can rot the wood in your house. Cellulose insulation is hygroscopic, which means the cellulose has the unique ability to manage moisture by absorbing it and then naturally drying itself out like a paper towel with the water evaporating to outside the home.

Higher quality comfort for half the cost.

Greater comfort, consistent temperatures, reduced humidity and tremendous cost savings. You can’t go wrong when you insulate!

Learn more about how our insulation keeps you cool and dry in the summer (as well as warm in the winter)!

Cool Fact:

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper, therefore it is a natural product! It’s not only greener, but also healthier!

Hot Tip:

By insulating your home at the same time you are re-roofing or re-siding, you can save on costs you might incur by insulating at a later time.