Dolphin’s Cellulose Means Safety: Conquering any Worries

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Thinking about insulating and sealing your home can make some people worry about all of the possible safety risks. What if it seals off all of your ventilation? What if mold grows within the walls? Will it interfere with your electric wiring? Before you let yourself obsess over these worries, let us tell you how to avoid all possible safety hazards. It’s really very simple: leave the sealing and insulating to the professionals.

At Dolphin Insulation, we know exactly how to effectively insulate your house in a way that will safely seal off your home. Not only will we safely install the insulation, we also use the safest materials to create a strong building shell for your home. We know the possible safety concerns that come with these processes, and we know exactly how to prevent them from happening in your home.

Whether installing insulation in a new area of your home, renovating any area, or replacing old insulation, the concerns and solutions surrounding the process are the same. People worry most about the quality of the insulation material, the potential for mold growth, risk of fire, interference with any electrical wiring, and a decrease in air quality in the home.

When Dolphin installs your insulation, we guarantee that the material we use will be high quality. We only insulate with loose fill cellulose, an insulation made from recycled papers. All of the cellulose we use is certified National Fiber insulation, which proves to be consistently high quality.

Not only does cellulose insulation promise a high-grade, energy efficient material, it also protects from mold and fire. Moisture travels throughout the air in your home and can catch in your insulation. Many materials offer the perfect bed for mold to grow in the trapped moisture, but cellulose resists. In its production, cellulose is treated with boric acid. This acid prevents all molds from forming within any moisture that might catch in your insulated walls.

This same material that helps prevent mold also protects against flames. Borate is a fire retardant, so there is no need to fear your insulation catching on fire. Not only will cellulose not ignite on its own, if it comes in contact with flames they will be put out.

Often times when homeowners try to manually install their insulation, they end up tampering with electrical wiring. As professionals, Dolphin knows how to insulate without compromising any part of your home’s electricity. It is important to check for possible damage in cables, wires, and junction boxes before insulating. Once it is established that there is no damage before insulation, we can guarantee that nothing will go wrong during the installation.

Lastly, you might think that sealing your home from outside air will decrease the air quality. Contrary to this fear, while sealing your home we make sure there is a certain amount of airflow to keep quality ventilation in your home. Sealing your home does not mean the air will be still in your home, it only means that we will seal off the unwanted flow, particularly between inside your home and outside.

Here at Dolphin, we acknowledge that worries exist about insulation’s safety hazards, but we know how to prevent them all. In the hands of a professional contractor, you can be sure that the job will be done properly while eliminating all of your potential anxieties about the process. For a safe, energy-efficient home, contact Dolphin with any questions or to get started insulating and sealing your home.