A Successful Year: Do Your Part to Conserve

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A little over a year ago in June of 2012, the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) held a discussion at the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Best Practices Forums. More than 200 state, municipal, and private sector representatives joined this discussion about energy-efficient advances in Massachusetts. During the past year, DOER has already acted on a number of the recommendations to make Massachusetts more energy efficient.

Clean energy opportunities continue to increase in Massachusetts as people become more aware of their ability to save energy. DOER recently released a report about our state’s success in energy efficiency over the past year. This report reflects successful plans from last June’s meeting.

This year, Massachusetts received, for the second year in a row, the title of the most energy efficient state in the country. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) rates each state every year in energy efficiency and tracks our nation’s green progress. For two years in a row, Massachusetts proved to be the most earth friendly, and we continue to progress.

Another energy success in the past year: Governor Patrick was awarded with the Green Governor of the Year award for 2012. He set a 250 Megawatt goal for solar power for 2017, meaning that he wants the state to use at least 250 Megawatts of solar power per year by this time. We already increased from only 2 Megawatts in 2007 to 243 Megawatts just five years later. Massachusetts rapidly started using alternate sources of energy, so now in 2013 we are quickly approaching the benchmark set for 2017.

There are now 110 Green Communities throughout the state, and 123 cities and towns have adopted the stretch code. Dolphin meets all of the criteria written out by this energy-saving code. When we insulate and air seal your home, you immediately contribute to our state’s excellence in energy conservation.

Massachusetts has already made progress on the plans that were drawn up last year, and DOER continues to explore even more ways to conserve energy—the savings never stop. DOER takes any recommendations and ideas into consideration because they know that energy conservation really is a joint effort.

Dolphin helps you to do your part by saving energy when you heat and cool your home. Every insulated and sealed home is one step closer to an energy efficient nation and a healthier Earth, and contributes to both energy and money savings.

DOER is now looking to simplify homeowner’s access to clean energy incentive information, improving energy regulations, and helping form a financial estimate of clean energy projects. We will keep you updated DOER’s strides to energy conservation.

Our country has a rising focus on energy efficiency, and step-by-step makes progress. Do your part to reduce your footprint and your heating bill. Contact Dolphin to find our how you can be a part of this mass movement towards conservation.