Kevin & Marlene Hausmann, Marlborough, MA

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April 21, 2015

Over the past few months we have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of working with David Posluszny and the team at Dolphin Insulation. From arriving on time for our pre-project meetings to the neat and timely completion of a significant insulation upgrade, Dolphin exceeded our expectations. When we moved in to our fifteen year old prefabricated home, we found our upstairs was chronically overheating in the summer and hard to heat in the winter. Moreover, an addition on slab proved hard to heat. David’s expertise addressing underlying design and insulation shortcomings resulted in a multi-stage solution, which was divided to maximize the impact on the comfort of our home. David’s strength is educating the homeowner on the advantage of material selection and installation techniques that are unique to Dolphin’s insulation crews.

Part of the insulation upgrade of our home involved excavating a foundation wall for the portion of the home built on a slab. David proposed removing four feet of soil around the perimeter of our home to install foam insulation panels to the exterior of the foundation. My wife and I were worried that the work would shred our yard and landscaping plantings. After a very full day of machine and hand digging, the insulation was in in place, the soil was backfilled and all landscaping elements were replaced better than before they began.

The work in the attic to switch the insulation to cellulose and triple the volume of insulation was done neatly and efficiently. The team has a dedicated pre-arrival team to prepare the house by laying down protecting floor and provide plastic tenting as needed. Upon finishing, Dolphin provided a deep cleaning of the job site, both inside the home and around the yard.

This company truly cares about their work. Everyone from the office staff to the skilled workers completing the insulation was enjoyable to get to know. We would come back to Dolphin in a moment for any future energy efficiency/ insulation needs. We recommend David and the whole team at Dolphin Insulation for their professional and comprehensive review of our home’s energy efficiency strategies.