Tom Ducharme, Insulation Specialist and HERS Rater

Tom Ducharme

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Tom has worked for Dolphin since 2017 and is a certified HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater as well as an Insulation Specialist at the company. As a certified HERS rater, he can now perform in-depth energy performance assessments on newly constructed and renovated homes.

Tom loves doing our Hot Roof installations and measuring how much we can reduce the energy usage in buildings. His passion is so big that the first thing he did when he bought his own house was install a Hot Roof with dense-pack cellulose protected by the Intello vapor-smart membrane. 

Tom has become a huge asset to the energy efficiency industry, having worked on some of the most complex jobs in Boston and throughout New England while gaining a wealth of knowledge on different insulation and energy-efficiency techniques and products.