Why Should I Use Cellulose Insulation in My Home?

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Although we have discussed this topic before, it seems timely to discuss again as the fall season approaches and your home begins to cool off. Cellulose is a versatile and effective material that covers a vast area, and seals out air with all the elements it carries—like moisture and noise. Cellulose is paper-based, but don’t worry, your house isn’t being lined with old newspapers or white printer sheets. Instead, it’s being insulated with one of the best materials around. 

Below is a summary of the benefits derived from using cellulose:

  • Saves Energy: Cellulose has a higher R-Value than most common insulation materials, which means it keeps heat inside your home during the cold winter months.
  • Regulates Temperature: Cellulose is the most massive of all common insulation available. This mass helps regulate temperature swings inside your home. Have you ever experienced severe overheating in a south-facing room during the day but at night the same room becomes colder than the rest of the house? If your home had cellulose its mass would balance the high and low temperatures keeping you more comfortable.
  • Suppresses Sound: Cellulose is very effective at stopping air movement and is also proficient at stopping air-borne sound. Cellulose’s sound absorbing characteristics are better than any other insulation product on the market.

We recently spent time in Belchertown, MA, the home of National Fiber; manufacturers of the cellulose insulation we put in your home. We met with Chris White of National Fiber and interviewed him on camera to answer the question: Why should I use cellulose insulation in my home?