What can I expect from an Energy Audit?

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Energy Audits are the way we analyze the energy efficiency in your home. Amanda and Chris Alphen explain the steps to an Energy Audit for your home:

Why would you want to conduct an energy audit before starting the insulation process at your home?
The energy audit shows the weaknesses and strengths of your home’s thermal barrier, to identify which areas need work and which don’t.

What tools are used to conduct the energy audit?
Blower door – the Blower Door Test tells us how much draft is going through a house
Thermal camera – shows temperatures in different areas of the house
Combustion analyzer – make sure the CO levels are safe in a house

After the audit is done, what’s next for the project?
Homeowner gets a written proposal and scope of work, in the order we recommend. We lay out the products we’ll use and where we’ll start and end, and also where you might need additional work. We also explain the “what” and the “why” of our recommended process.