To-Do: Conquer the Roadblocks to Efficiency

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Converting your home into an innovative center for cutting-edge energy efficiency sounds easy enough. Just do some research—gather the right magazines, read the right articles, figure out the next steps—and soon enough your home will be the energy-envy of the neighborhood. Many homeowners enter their projects with determination and a flawless plan. A couple of projects down the line, some homeowners drop out of the race. We know why, and are ready to help.

What the smiling couple in front of their new green home fail to tell you in those advertisements is that a successful home upgrade will not happen overnight. Just as every achievement takes some effort, an energy efficient home requires attention and planning. Many homeowners give up at the first sight of required effort output. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) studied some of the reasons that energy efficient projects are often dropped before completion. The primary reasons are that homeowners only see the upfront costs rather than the long-term savings, and that many of these owners have plans to move within five to seven years. Their long-term plans cause a halt in long-term home investments. What these homeowners fail to see is that an energy efficient home has a higher value than one without these upgrades.

Other studies identified hassle as a general roadblock to home efficiency. For example, the thought of cleaning out the attic intimidates many homeowners. They will see the first step as a burden instead of as the first step to an efficient home. Many homeowners focus on short-term energy benefits rather than the more effective, longer-term benefits.

Check items off of a list in order to keep up your motivation and organization without getting overwhelmed throughout your home upgrade. With your to-do list, you will have a clear process to follow one step at a time, rather than feeling the need to upgrade your whole home at once.

To help you get started, here is a list of some energy efficient upgrades to start to tackle:

  • First on the list is properly sealing your home off from outside weather.
    • Insulate and air seal to ensure that you have a solid energy efficient foundation to back the rest of your upgrades.
    • Many people find this process to be intimidating and picture their home being torn apart – but we will do the work with minimal invasiveness and leave you with an energy efficient home.
  • Dealing with ductwork is an important aspect of home efficiency.
    • Homeowners will claim that the process takes too long, or that it requires them to move some furniture around.
    • In the bigger picture, moving some furniture doesn’t even compare to the added benefit of an efficient home.
  • Upgrade your HVAC equipment.
    • Many homes use heaters and air conditioners that are not efficient for their home, and lose a lot of energy without knowing their potential to save. Consulting a professional can save you money and conserve energy. All you need to do is find some time to devote to the cause.

Figure out what’s stopping you from completing your list—time, energy, lack of information—and contact Dolphin to find a solution. We can help you check those items off your list to an energy efficient home.