Should I Insulate Myself?

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When your home gets cold and you want to insulate, you need to answer this question: Should I install insulation myself or hire a professional?

Here are at Dolphin we think you should hire a professional, and here are some reasons why:

  • Harder than it looks: Installing insulation is not as easy as it looks. Dolphin exclusively uses cellulose insulation, a completely green and highly effective product, to get the best results in your home. Cellulose should be installed by a professional.
  • Fully assess your home: An insulation company will make a full assessment of your home’s needs. This will reveal any problem areas in your home causing drafts. Once your home is assessed, a reputable insulation company will offer a thoughtful solution, making your home perform to your standards.
  • Building Science: All of Dolphin’s crews go to school to learn building science to make your home as comfortable as possible. Our crews are also thoroughly trained by our cellulose provider, National Fiber. When insulating your home there are many items to consider, this is why it’s important to have professionals install your insulation.

In our latest video, Amanda gives some sound advice on why using a professional is the way to go: