MassSave: Upgrade your Home to Energy Efficiency

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MassSave is a Massachusetts program with a focus on home energy conservation. There are specific plans for both homeowners and professionals. Dolphin Insulation works with MassSave to provide you with guaranteed energy savings. You may have heard horror stories of false home assessment scams – but you can be assured that Dolphin is an established company working with MassSave to help you save energy in your home.

MassSave provides information and incentives regarding home energy conservation. They offer tips for saving energy, along with incentives to do so. This program helps homes reach their highest possible energy efficiency.

Dolphin follows MassSave’s program for professionals, but MassSave also has programs for homeowners like you. By simply making your home more energy efficient, you will save money along with receiving benefits.

The MassSave website is easily accessible for you to find out which programs and rewards will work the best for your home. Most programs are for homeowners who pay their own heat and electric bills, but low-income residents might qualify for free services.

MassSave often offers rebates when you upgrade to energy efficiency. These rebates can include instant rebates on energy conserving air conditioners, pool filters, and many Energy Star appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

Along with rebates for installing more energy-efficient appliances, MassSave offers special pricing on other energy saving home improvements. These special prices apply to power strips, light bulbs and light fixtures, and Energy Star-qualified computers and computer monitors.

MassSave finds locations near you who participate in their energy saving rebates and promotions. By looking into these chances to save, you will discover the possibility to conserve energy in places that you never thought you could.

One especially unique program that MassSave offers is called the “Home MPG.” In this program, you can discover your home’s “miles per gallon,” or energy-spending rating. MassSave believes that by handing residents a number to represent their energy consumption, you can better understand where your energy use comes from. This understanding then helps you make smart decisions to save energy, as you see your energy consumption drop.

After you receive your home’s MPG score, the Home MPG program also offers other incentives. For some homeowners, thermal images are used to find specific places in your home that most need improvement. The energy-saving improvements appear on the “energy performance score,” which tracks your home’s improvements. This program is all made easier by online accessibility. Online, you can view your energy score as it changes with your improvements, your home’s thermal image, and get advice from energy specialists.

MassSave recognizes Dolphin to be qualified to help you make your home more energy-efficient. We assess your home’s energy consumption and help you lower it significantly. Along with saving energy, you are rewarded by constantly saving money by wasting less energy. Contact Dolphin today to get started on improving your home to be an energy-saving unit.