Keep Your Home Nice and Cool This Summer

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Summer is the season of cookouts and trips to the beach, but it can also be a time of sticky and uncomfortable homes. There’s more to keeping your house cool in the summer than just sticking an air conditioner in the window. While you might associate insulation with keeping your home warm in the winter, here at Dolphin we know that insulation can also keep your home nice and cool in the summer.

Here are some tips from the expert engineers at Dolphin Insulation to help you keep your home cool during the summer months:

  • Cool your home at night: As the sun sets and the temperature drops, open your windows to take advantage of the cool nighttime breezes. Circulating this cool air in your home at night will help keep it comfortable during the day. Be sure wake up early enough to beat the sun’s harsher rays, though, and close the windows while it’s still cool.
  • Use less electricity: Unplug the TV or other electronics when you’re not home or not using them. Even when turned off, they still generate heat when plugged in by drawing small amounts of electricity.
  • Fire up the grill: Nothing is quite as enjoyable as a cookout in the summer, and now you have another excuse to use the grill: cooking indoors heats up the house. Stoves and ovens generate a lot of heat in the kitchen, so keep the cold air inside and bring the food outside.
  • Use professional installation and insulation: A professional can help you pick and install the best possible air conditioner for your house. A good company can also install insulation and help seal the air in your home to best keep the cold air inside and the hot air outside.

For more tips on keeping cool, check out this new video from David and Amanda: