In the Cloud: New Technologies Give You Control

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Our world is flooded with an urge to use the latest technology. Flashy images of the iPhone 6 or your new flat screen TV may come to mind, but we also use the newest technology in home efficiency.

The industry is just starting to move to the emerging 3rd platform. The 3rd platform simply refers to this new era of “the cloud.” Your cloud is a virtual space that can store a variety of your information. You can access your cloud information at any time, from various devices. The building science industry is beginning to use the cloud to improve your home’s efficiency.

You may have heard about the new “Smart” thermostats, such as the Nest or Ecobee. These allow you to remotely control the temperature of your home. The Nest will even learn your daily patterns, and adapt its cycle to save you the most energy.

Like most of the other technological advances these days, the 3rd platform changes our current way of life; it changes the way we control our home. Having access to your home’s controls can drastically decrease your energy bills. The energy and engineering industries are constantly upgrading security methods in this new cloud technology. You have the ability to access your home’s controls from anywhere, at anytime.

While these new technologies become more popular, many customers who were a little apprehensive at first now want to give it a try. These cloud-based energy solutions are a fairly simple way to give you more control over your home’s energy. This shift in technology involves many different branches of the building science industry, so it requires advances in these different sectors. By working together to use cloud technologies, the country will upgrade a wide range of energy efficient partners.

The cloud technologies require more collaboration to design a home. This allows for more consistency and teamwork to create a whole home, rather than piecing it together. For example, oil and gas companies will work with electrical and mechanical engineers to provide you with more efficient control over your home’s utilities. These various teams will have a quicker collaboration pace when they use these new technologies, because they can share information instantly and accurately.

Using cloud technologies not only helps everyone who works on your home, but it also helps you. Wherever you are, the cloud connects you to your home. While not having to turn the heat up and down manually may be part of the solution, the other part is properly insulating your home.

The cloud has been circulating around technology news, and it is certainly making an impact. This advance in the way we stay connected to each other while working on a house, and the way that you stay connected to your home, is one that makes strides in energy efficiency. As the cloud technologies become more popular, consider some of your options to gain more control over your home. If you want any more information on these opportunities, or have any questions, contact us at anytime.