Get Money, Save Money: Incentive to Insulate

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To follow up the post on the Building Performance Institute’s past twenty years of success, we’re bringing you their most recent offer for homeowners. If your home has been letting out too much of your cherished heat this winter, it’s never too late to insulate. Thanks to the BPI’s renewal of last year’s tax credit, homeowners are eligible for a $500 tax credit when Dolphin insulates and seals your home.

This tax credit is valid for the entire year of 2013, but why wait until next winter to make your home warm? By insulating and sealing your home off from the upcoming New England winter months, you will save money by cutting the cost of your energy bill. This tax incentive offers you money to save money—it doesn’t get much better than that!

The act, called the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, was not only renewed for 2013, but Congress also added extended credits. If you are looking to reduce any or all energy use in your home, this act will help you save money even before you start saving energy. The incentive is only available for energy upgrades that are completed before the end of the year, so insulate as soon as possible—not only for your comfort, but also to guarantee eligibility for this credit.

If you are in fact authorized to receive the $500 credit, there are many different upgrades that can qualify your home for this incentive. If your home is already partially insulated, any additional insulation could make this tax credit yours. Along with insulation, air sealing can bring you $500. The BPI points out one trouble spot specifically for sealing: your windows. If you feel a slight cold breeze when you get close to your windows, maybe air sealing is the best move for you this winter.

Along with the two major aspects of energy efficiency in your home (insulation and air sealing), the BPI also included a few other home upgrades that can qualify you for this bonus. If you invest in an electric heat pump, natural gas furnaces or water heaters, and a Biomass Fuel Property stove, you could receive the BPI’s tax credit.

Insulating and sealing your home is the most effective way to save energy because these processes seal your home as a whole, instead of fixing just one part of the problem. If your toes are feeling a little chilly and your kitchen is a little drafty, now is the best time to consider insulating and air sealing. Not only will you save money from all of the energy you will save on heating costs, the BPI will pay you to save.

If you are looking for a way to make your home safer and more comfortable, insulation and air sealing is the answer. Contact Dolphin to see if you qualify for the BPI’s $500 tax credit, and we will seal your home and save you money.