Fuel Efficiency Carries Your Efficiency: Dolphin’s Truck Aims for Natural Gas

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Here at Dolphin Insulation, we aim to carry energy efficiency to all of the homes that we touch, delivered in an energy efficient vehicle. That’s why we are currently aiming to receive funding from National Grid for a Dolphin Insulation truck that runs on natural gas. A truck fueled by natural gas has a lower impact on the planet than one that runs on other fossil fuels, as most trucks do. We want to reduce our impact on the environment while we help you to do the same by insulating and air sealing your home.

National Grid distributes natural gas to 3.4 million customers in the United States. This natural fuel is more economical than gasoline and diesel, and it is cleaner for the environment. Having a truck that delivers energy saving measures to your home while running on an environmentally friendlier fuel doubles the energy savings. Natural gas fuel is not only the better choice for the environment, but it is also produced domestically, there is an abundant supply, it is non toxic, and natural gas has a narrow flammability range. The benefits alone point to natural gas as the clean option.

There are currently about 450 natural gas vehicles in National Grid’s range. This accounts for about 4.5% of vehicles on the road in the range. The majority of these natural gas vehicles are light-duty vans and sedans. Dolphin’s truck will fall into the 5% of the natural gas vehicles: medium-duty trucks. These natural gas vehicles save more than $750,000 annually compared to vehicles running on gasoline and diesel.

One concern for fueling vehicles with natural gas is that the cost of the vehicle will not be paid back by sufficient fuel use. Although natural gas is not as expensive as other fuels, it still costs money. This is not a problem for Dolphin’s truck, because we use the truck regularly and the alternative fuel will quickly pay back the original cost. National Grid looks for bigger vehicles to transform into natural gas machines because smaller vehicles often do not have a big environmental impact to begin with. Larger vehicles, like Dolphin’s truck, will benefit greatly from a switch to natural gas fuel.

There are three public access fast fill natural gas stations in Massachusetts, so Dolphin’s new truck won’t have any problem fueling up. National Grid is currently working on a project to expand the presence of vehicles fuel by natural gas, specifically in Massachusetts. This expansion will hopefully lead to a greater presence of vehicles fueled by this clean alternative.

As National Grid works to expand their program, Dolphin is working to be a part of the percent of vehicles fueled by natural gas. It simply makes sense: we install energy-saving insulation and seal your home to conserve energy. Our vehicle should reflect these same values.