Glenn Alto Westford, MA

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July 2, 2014

Pat and I would like to share this testimonial for the benefit of others considering Dolphin Insulation services. After years of struggling with ice dams at our Westford home and the multiple attempts to fix the problem with roofing solutions, we changed our focus to our home’s structure and insulation status as a root cause of the problem. We spoke to an architect, “high end” carpentry contractors and Dolphin. The architect offered to bring in one of their construction engineers to evaluate and offer structural reconstruction. (Ka-ching!) One carpentry contractor did a nice job of scoping the work and settled on a proposal for insulation which they intended to sub-contract. The other carpentry contractor didn’t show up for our meeting. And then there was Dolphin Insulation. After talking with Dolphin’s office, it was recommended that we have an assessment by David Posluszny. David arrived on time, listened carefully to our issues and proceeded to perform the most thorough assessment I’ve even seen done by any contractor representative. He squeezed into our attic crawlspace (no easy feat – I’ve done it), took measurements and photos and then evaluated all other areas of heat loss in the house. David then gave me a thorough presentation of his findings and intentions for solutions. A quotation was provided the next day and followed up by a visit from Chris, with whom I had an informative discussion about the job and Dolphin’s business philosophies (you are doing everything right, Chris). Work was scheduled according to our convenience. When the crew arrived, it was all business. No idle activity…straight to work…long days in uncomfortable conditions. At the completion of each day the place was left orderly and clean. Four days later, the job was done including insulation, fan installation, painting, cleaning and repair of previously unknown ice damage to the roof discovered by the Dolphin team. Every interaction with the crew was a pleasure. Wonderful people. Their commitment to efficiency and customer service is unparalleled in our experience. So, if you are looking for the right company to insulate your home, we highly recommend that you contact Dolphin Insulation. They are setting new standards in performance and customer service.