Read and Learn: How to Insulate Your Home

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Cold Weather’s coming quickly,
Your home is leaking heat.
Cold feet, cold hands, drafts briskly
Gain temperature’s defeat.

You need some insulation,
A whole home’s-worth in fact,
You plan the installation,
Your walls will soon be packed.

You insulate and air seal,
Or so you think you do,
But cold’s still all you feel,
So you bring in a crew.

You know your first mistake here:
You should have called them first,
Professionals have no fear
That their techniques will work.

The only home protection
To guarantee real comfort
Results from true perfection
That Dolphin will assert.

So call us with your questions,
Your thoughts and concerns too,
We’ll show you our profession,
We know exactly what to do!

Well, that poem sums it all up. Many homeowners believe that it will be more cost-efficient to install their own insulation. With the drop in temperatures outside, homeowners will dash to their local hardware store and buy all of the supplies that they think they will need to insulate and air seal their home. After hours of work, these homeowners still feel a chill in their home. To avoid wasted hours of work, just go straight to the solution: call the professionals so that the job gets done right the first time.

Adding some loose-fill cellulose to your attic could seem like the perfect do-it-yourself project, but if you’re not a professional this will most likely be a waste of time. To install cellulose insulation, the person installing it is required to know each step of the process. First off, working in attics, walls, floors, and ceilings can be hazardous. Many inexperienced do-it-yourselfers have been seriously injured stumbling over joists or falling through the ceiling. Often times the damage done costs more than the original insulation task.

Professionals know how to balance sealed air and necessary airflow. Although air sealing is necessary for keeping your home warm in the winter, your home must be ventilated to keep the air from becoming completely stagnant. If the person installing the insulation and sealing off the home does not know how to balance the flow, then more problems will arise. If the home is not sealed properly, the insulation will not perform.

Here at Dolphin, we dedicate our entire profession and time to insulating and sealing your home. We focus on energy conservation and we get the job done right the first time. We are trained in air infiltration, ventilation, and insulation to name a few critical areas critical for sealing off your home from the outdoor weather. We have all been exposed to a wide variety of training, we are familiar with all local codes and building regulations, and we know exactly how much insulation your home needs.

The bottom line is: the best way to insulate your home is for us to insulate your home. Call us to get started!