Environmentally Friendly Cellulose: Fit for all Kings

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By the time the new royal baby, George Alexander Louis, takes the throne, our environment will be nearing some serious devastation. That’s why George will probably be insulating with the most environmentally friendly and efficient insulation: cellulose—specifically, Cel-Pak insulation.

At Dolphin, we use National Fiber‘s Cel-Pak cellulose insulation. Cel-Pak is a premium quality cellulose insulation that is manufactured by National Fiber in Belchertown, Massachusetts. It is made from recycled newspaper and other recycled paper sources. The paper is over-issue; meaning that if a New England newspaper printed 1,000,000 copies but only sold 75,000, National Fiber buys the remaining unsold papers to turn into insulation.

This process takes materials that would otherwise be useless and manufactures them into useful and energy-saving insulation. It’s not only the materials that make Cel-Pak cellulose insulation the green future of insulation, but the manufacturing process also has a limited environmental impact. The newspaper is first reduced to pieces in a machine called a hammermill. Then, these pieces are “fiberized,” which breaks down the paper to the component fibers of the original tree. The paper is then treated with borate, a naturally occurring mineral that makes the insulation resistant to fire, mold, and pests. Finally, a small amount of mineral oil is added for dust control and the insulation is packaged up in 25-pound bags.

To complete the environmentally friendly process, when we are finished insulating your home with cellulose, we then take the empty bags back to National Fiber, where they are recycled.

So what is it about Cel-Pak insulation that makes it fit for the royals?

There are many factors that qualify Cel-Pak cellulose insulation as premium cellulose insulation. National Fiber ensures that the Cel-Pak insulation is the highest-grade cellulose product available. They hand sort the paper before processing to remove any metal bands, twine, glossy or coated paper, and all other materials that are not pure paper. The recycled content is not missed post-consumer recycled material, meaning that there will not be bits of plastic, cans, or leftover food in your walls and attic.

Along with being pure in form, Cel-Pak cellulose insulation delivers multiple benefits for you and your home. You are guaranteed to receive a clean, sanitary product to add to your home and leave any non-insulating materials out. Cel-Pak cellulose is installed to account for any minor settling that may happen, so the insulation does not decrease in efficiency. Because the product is now fiberized in manufacturing, it does not settle like it used to.

It takes special machines to properly install Cel-Pak cellulose insulation and make sure that you will get the highest benefits from your insulation. Although it may sound like a simple job, the Cel-Pak insulation has to be dense-packed in your walls—in other words, it is installed under slight pressure from the material, leaving little room for settling.

Although little George was just born, it is never too early to start thinking about the impact that our actions today will have on the Earth in thirty years. Cel-Pak cellulose insulation offers insulation fit for any royal home, but it’s affordable enough for your home. Contact Dolphin to start your royal treatment and start saving money and energy in your home.