Can a Home be “Too Tight” with Insulation?

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Can you make your home too tight with insulation? The answer is no.

In order to discuss this we are going to talk about Dolphin’s own Energy Engineer David’s home. For more on his home, click here.

David’s home has no furnace and he keeps home comfortable in part to insulation Dolphin installed.

Why did David make his home so tight? He did this for year-round comfort and a large savings on his energy bill. Because his home is engineered so well, he only has a water bill, property tax and a mortgage.

A Pascal is a measurement of internal pressure. David’s home has 22 CFM at 50 Pascals. That is an impressive number, which is partially due to the cellulose insulation in his home. Because of this number, he needed to install an HRV (Heat recovery ventilator). The HRV fills the home with fresh air from the outside and removes stale air from inside. It also warms the outside air as it comes into the house.

The HRV runs on electricity and can be controlled manually or automatically, and can also control the humidity in your home. This allows you to make it a perfect 50% humidity so your home is much more comfortable any time of the year.

The bottom line is, Dolphin can make your home extremely tight, make a few adjustments, and save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

At Dolphin, we only use cellulose. Because of its makeup, cellulose fits into all areas in your home – including attics, crawl spaces, and walls. It also manages humidity extremely well.

As you can see, by explaining how David used insulation in his home, you cannot make a home too tight with insulation.

If you would like to save money on your energy bills, call Dolphin today and find out more about how to tighten up your home with insulation.