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  • First I want to thank you for listening to my desires, concerns and putting up with someone who has lived in this house for 38 years and had only had electric baseboard heating. You accessed the issues and came up with recommendations working together to get me quotes as well working around my schedule. You got the job done in a timely fashion and have answered all the questions and concerns before, during and after the job was done. Also you were extremely neat while you worked and cleaned up every day so I had little concerns while my 3 grandchildren were in the house during the improvement period. My house seems to keep a constant temperature of 65 to 68 degrees, less drafts and whole house is comfortable. When the air conditioning was on auto and kept the temperature in the mid 70’s. Sun porch is comfortable for the grandkids to play in the winter now.  My electric bills are the lowest they have ever been in the 40 years I’ve lived in this house, $60 to $70 in the summer and so far this winter they have been about half of what they have been in years past. I would and have recommended you to family, friends, and neighbors. Again thank you for your excellent work and great work experience.

    -Susan Eaton, Littleton, MA
  • From the first consultation down to the final day of insulation work nothing but professional and informative work. All team members worked extensively all day and made sure the house was left clean each and everyday after they left. We have experienced the difference right away. The heat and ac systems have barely been on the house has kept itself at a nice temperature, the complete opposite of what it was before. Many thanks to Dave and his crew.

    -Andrew DeAmicis, Framingham, MA
  • Dolphin was one of the only insulation companies I talked with that was willing to come out and look at our attic situation and offer solutions.  The insulation expert they sent out to do the research and price out the job was the most knowledgeable insulation person I’ve ever dealt with.  He took the time to go through all of the problems and the suggested solutions.  He explained in detail every aspect of the plan and exactly what he was going to accomplish. The crew that showed up was ON-TIME, professional, courteous, and worked tirelessly to finish the work on time. They left every day explaining how far along in the project they were and took the time to cleanup.  At the end of the project they went through and cleaned so well that it looked as if they were never there.  The office staff was helpful and polite and made sure everything was going well.  Dolphin is a company that makes all of the other horrible experiences I’ve had with contractors give me faith that there are some good ones out there.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

    -Eric Busalaci, Chelmsford, MA
  • The evaluation visit was excellent; David P. was extremely knowledgeable.  The work was scheduled and performed on time.  Workers were very tidy.  The carpenter who did some finishing work (frame of new window) did a great job matching the framework of the remaining window.  I would use them again and recommend them to others.

    -Eloise Biscoe, Newton, MA
  • Fantastic people to deal with from the initial energy audit through cleanup after the job. One of the reasons I went with Dolphin Insulation was my dealings with David P, their on-staff engineer.  David came by for the initial energy audit and was not only incredibly knowledgeable in building sciences but a real pleasure to deal with.  He outlined the different options and how they would address both reducing my energy costs but also minimizing the chances of ice dams.
    The crew did the work we agreed to over 3 days.  I’m very meticulous when it comes to caring for my home, and the crew was incredibly thorough in both protecting the finished areas of the house as well as cleaning up after the job was completed.  I’m allergic to fiberglass and they went out of their way to minimize my exposure to it.  Each day the crew arrived on-time and were great to deal with, answering any questions or concerns I have.
    When the work was done, David stopped by to discuss all the work and they even sent before and after pictures of all the work.  I can’t say enough good things about David and the other fine folks I dealt with at Dolphin.  As a final unbiased review of the quality of their work, my town building inspector stopped by to inspect the final product and even he raved about the excellent job they did.  Dolphin has my highest recommendation.

    -Ron Rappel, Andover, MA
  • From the moment I met David P. the engineer to the the last day of the insulation project, the crew was professional and knowledgeable and every step of the process was detailed and outlined with great care.  When I scheduled the appointment, David P. came to my home and spent about 90 minutes in the attic explaining every detail of the project.  Within 24 hours I had a formal proposal and a scheduled visit to review every line item.  At this moment I knew that I would contract with Dolphin to perform the job. I had received other quotes but could not compare to the level of detail that was provided by this company. The crew (Dave, Ryan and Mark) spent 3 days at my home. They were at my house at 8 every morning and Dave explained the event for that day. At the end of the day, he followed up with a report of what was accomplished. This occurred over a 3 day period. I would ask questions throughout the day and Dave provided answers in a timely manner and continue to provide education surrounding the daily tasks. The last day, I was able to view the finished product and couldn’t believe what they had accomplished. Every home owner should get at least 3-4 quotes, but DO NOT base your decision on cost alone. Dolphin was higher in price but I could not compare them against the other companies because the quotes were not thorough as what was provided to me in Dolphin’s proposal. Remember the old expression, you get what you pay for. If you choose Dolphin. the finished product will exceed all of your expectations.  Thanks for David P, Dave, Ryan and Mark for a fantastic job.

    -Janet Yeremian, Peabody, MA
  • Sorry for the delay in the testimonial. I wanted to experience the attic before I sent an email.

    From the start of the process to the end Dolphin Insulation was very transparent. Dave P. came to my home and examined my home thoroughly. He was able to provide me with a plan and a quote to insulate my basement and attic. With a finished attic, insulating without disrupting the space required some creativity. Dave clearly explained the process and all of my options. He answered all of my questions during and after the visit and I had a lot of questions. He answered my questions patiently and clearly.

    The work in the basement was completed in February and I noticed a difference. The temperature in the house held longer than it did previous to the work. The attic was completed in April. Now that the work is fully complete I feel a huge difference in the temperature of the house during the hot days. We have had some hot days and the downstairs is cooler and the attic is also cooler. My attic cools off very quickly with just a window AC unit and it is now where we spend most of our time during the hottest days.

    The workers were left alone in my house for most of the time and even let themselves out on a few days. They were trustworthy, clean, friendly to my family and my dogs, and they patiently answered every question I had.

    I recommend Dolphin Insulation for your insulation needs.

    -Jonathan Hartunian, Lexington, MA
  • Pat and I would like to share this testimonial for the benefit of others considering Dolphin Insulation services. After years of struggling with ice dams at our Westford home and the multiple attempts to fix the problem with roofing solutions, we changed our focus to our home’s structure and insulation status as a root cause of the problem. We spoke to an architect, “high end” carpentry contractors and Dolphin. The architect offered to bring in one of their construction engineers to evaluate and offer structural reconstruction. (Ka-ching!) One carpentry contractor did a nice job of scoping the work and settled on a proposal for insulation which they intended to sub-contract. The other carpentry contractor didn’t show up for our meeting. And then there was Dolphin Insulation. After talking with Dolphin’s office, it was recommended that we have an assessment by David Posluszny. David arrived on time, listened carefully to our issues and proceeded to perform the most thorough assessment I’ve even seen done by any contractor representative. He squeezed into our attic crawlspace (no easy feat – I’ve done it), took measurements and photos and then evaluated all other areas of heat loss in the house. David then gave me a thorough presentation of his findings and intentions for solutions. A quotation was provided the next day and followed up by a visit from Chris, with whom I had an informative discussion about the job and Dolphin’s business philosophies (you are doing everything right, Chris). Work was scheduled according to our convenience. When the crew arrived, it was all business. No idle activity…straight to work…long days in uncomfortable conditions. At the completion of each day the place was left orderly and clean. Four days later, the job was done including insulation, fan installation, painting, cleaning and repair of previously unknown ice damage to the roof discovered by the Dolphin team. Every interaction with the crew was a pleasure. Wonderful people. Their commitment to efficiency and customer service is unparalleled in our experience. So, if you are looking for the right company to insulate your home, we highly recommend that you contact Dolphin Insulation. They are setting new standards in performance and customer service.

    -Glenn Alto Westford, MA
  • I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with the work I had done in my attic. First I would like to say I have never met a more friendly and energetic group of young workers before. Your staff of workers were respectful, intelligent, and courteous. They all worked so hard every day and made it easy to be in my house while they were there. The work is outstanding, everything was done with the highest of quality and expertise, I actually love my attic now. I immediately noticed a difference in my house the next day, I didn’t think it would make a difference in the summer but what a difference. The upstairs of my house is always an inferno in the summer, at least 10 degrees warmer than the downstairs, even worse with the humidity. The attic was probably well above a 100 degrees on hot, sunny days. Now there is barely a temperature difference between the 3 floors, the attic is at least 20 degrees cooler. I look forward to seeing the difference the insulation will make in the winter, I can only imagine how much better my oil bills will be. Wish I did this years ago! Thanks so much for a job well done, please thank your staff for me again.

    -Mary Ryan, Westford, MA
  • Thank you David. We had no problems with ice dams this year, unlike last year and all our neighbors this year. In fact one of them is contacting Dolphin today.

    -Michael Rudd, Concord, MA
  • I found David after realizing there are a lot of “fakers” in the energy engineering space. I have been thoroughly impressed by his knowledge not only of energy issues but construction planning and overall construction procedures. He is extremely well educated and experienced for his age.

    -Peter Reed, Cambridge, MA
  • Over the past few months we have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of working with David Posluszny and the team at Dolphin Insulation. From arriving on time for our pre-project meetings to the neat and timely completion of a significant insulation upgrade, Dolphin exceeded our expectations. When we moved in to our fifteen year old prefabricated home, we found our upstairs was chronically overheating in the summer and hard to heat in the winter. Moreover, an addition on slab proved hard to heat. David’s expertise addressing underlying design and insulation shortcomings resulted in a multi-stage solution, which was divided to maximize the impact on the comfort of our home. David’s strength is educating the homeowner on the advantage of material selection and installation techniques that are unique to Dolphin’s insulation crews.

    Part of the insulation upgrade of our home involved excavating a foundation wall for the portion of the home built on a slab. David proposed removing four feet of soil around the perimeter of our home to install foam insulation panels to the exterior of the foundation. My wife and I were worried that the work would shred our yard and landscaping plantings. After a very full day of machine and hand digging, the insulation was in in place, the soil was backfilled and all landscaping elements were replaced better than before they began.

    The work in the attic to switch the insulation to cellulose and triple the volume of insulation was done neatly and efficiently. The team has a dedicated pre-arrival team to prepare the house by laying down protecting floor and provide plastic tenting as needed. Upon finishing, Dolphin provided a deep cleaning of the job site, both inside the home and around the yard.

    This company truly cares about their work. Everyone from the office staff to the skilled workers completing the insulation was enjoyable to get to know. We would come back to Dolphin in a moment for any future energy efficiency/ insulation needs. We recommend David and the whole team at Dolphin Insulation for their professional and comprehensive review of our home’s energy efficiency strategies.

    -Kevin & Marlene Hausmann, Marlborough, MA
  • Hello Chris,
    Dolphin Insulation hit it out of the park on this complicated attic retrofit. In terms of both specifying the retrofit measures and installation of materials, the quality of work was exceptional. It is common for installers to have difficulty in connecting the dots in difficult to access areas, but not the Dolphin crew, the thermal and air boundaries on this job were continuous in all areas and without a single quality issue. Well done, you folks really make our cellulose look good.

    -Bill Hulstrunk, Technical Manager National Fiber Co.
  • I just had my attic insulated by Dolphin Insulation – this is a superb, small, family owned company that gives the very best in customer service. Insulating an attic is no picnic, yet the 6 workers who had to come up and down to the attic for two days running did it with patience, a great attitude, and total willingness to work with me on various issues. These were some of the nicest young men and women I have ever had here working on my historic 1811 house. They were polite, thoughtful, did a great clean up job, and I trusted each and every one of them to the point that when I had to go out, I left them all here, working hard. They were very hard workers, uncomplaining, and all skilled in their specific tasks. Insulating an attic with flooring is tedious work. They were careful pulling up the boards, and left things neat when they finished. And they love and care about animals! My dog loved them!

    -Pam Skewes-Cox, Sudbury, MA
  • Hope you had a good weekend. We wanted to thank your crew again for a great job on our blown-in wall insulation. We were nervous about the job from the start, in part because of what other companies had told us, and after seeing all the holes the first day we were happy to have Eric’s assurance that the walls would be smooth again and “like they’d never been there”. We found that Eric and Joe did a superb job repairing the plaster walls after blowing in the insulation—truly they are masters of plaster work because having tried it ourselves we know it is not easy to get the patches that smooth! We trust that the actual insulation install, which we can’t see, was also done with care based on the attention they gave the walls. The clean-up was also satisfactory in that we only have to wipe down walls and floors to get rid of fine dust but not chunks of plaster or insulation. Further, we appreciated that Eric communicated with us via phone and notes since we had to leave for work early and come home after they were done for the day. Overall we would recommend your crew to anyone who was interested in doing inside insulation since you made the job as painless as possible for us and really stood out from the competition. Thanks,

    -Suzanne and Peter Skolnik, Needham, MA

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