Why You Should Choose National Fiber Cellulose Insulation

Product Advantages
  1. Made from the cleanest contaminant free paper
    • National Fiber uses very clean sources of paper, primarily over-issue newsprint.
    • National Fiber removes all glossy paper, which is coated with clay
    • Our Cel-Pak insulation is free from plastic and foreign matter that can damage your machine and reduce coverage
      • Other companies use a co-mingled paper source that allows plastic bags, strapping and other non-cellulose materials into the product. This reduces coverage, clogs hoses and damages machines.
  2. National Fiber uses only a 100% Borate Fire Retardant
    • A 100% Borate-infused cellulose insulation is considered the best in the industry.
      • Products that contain Ammonium Sulfate can produce an ammonia smell that lingers in the house.
      • In some situations, Ammonia Sulfate can be corrosive to metal.
    • Borate provides fire, insect and mold resistance.
      • Borate is harmless to humans and is used commercially in eyewash and cosmetics.
  3. National Fiber’s Cel-Pak Cellulose has better coverage rates
    • Cel-Pak is carefully fiberized to optimize coverage and performance.
    • Because we use only the best ground paper, our coverage rates are better than many other cellulose insulations.
      • Other maker’s insulation can have lower coverage rates due to foreign matter (plastic and strapping can’t be fiberized.
    • National Fiber’s Cel-Pak Qualifies for the Federal Income Tax Credit
      • National Fiber is US Lab approved, which is required for the current stimulus package funds.
      • Canadian Competitors don’t always have the US Lab approval stamped on the bag, which is required for acceptance.
    • Manufactured in Belchertown, MA
      • National Fiber is the only insulation manufacturer of any kind in New England
      • In 2008, National Fiber recycled 30 million lbs. of paper from the Northeast.
      • In business for over 30 years, National Fiber will be here to support you
Service Advantages
  1. National Fiber has 4 company-employed Sales Reps in the Northeast
    • All of our reps have many years experience in the building industry.
    • Reps conduct blower machine diagnostics and technique evaluations.
    • Competitors in the northeast either have no reps or one rep that has to cover a very large area (e.g., east of the Mississippi).
  2. National Fiber has a Full-time Technical Manager
    • Bill Hulstrunk is a respected weatherization professional who works with contractors to help them become more efficient and productive.
    • Bill serves as an expert speaker at many weatherization events and technical conferences.
    • Bill is available to consult with you on difficult situations and installations.
  3. Cel-Pak Pro Program
    • National Fiber offers and elite program for qualified contractors
    • Cel-Pak Pros are approved only after thorough inspection by our Technical Manager.
    • Cel-Pak Pros are recognized as top-tier installers that National Fiber is pleased to recommend to customers.
  4. Product Availability
    • In most cases, delivery can be made within days of the order.
    • Because we own our trucks and employ our drivers directly, we don’t have to worry about delays or scheduling issues
    • Our drivers provide scheduled, friendly service and can assist with offloading.
    • National Fiber has a steady stream of raw materials as well as a healthy inventory to satisfy peak demands.