Dave Flannery

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After joining Dolphin, Dave went to a few jobsites and loved using diagnostic testing to read the draftiness before and after insulating. It made him want to get the number down as low as possible on every project, resulting in the maximum energy savings and airtightness for the building. Being a son to a mother who works at the EPA, he was aware and conscious of the effects on energy use and the environment. He soon became a leader in the field and, over the last five years. has learned everything from insulating to roofing, ventilation, HVAC systems and ductwork, carpentry, drywall, and so much more. Dave is a very hard worker with attention to detail and an eagerness to learn and please. He has trained many of our other highly skilled crew leads and installers and continues to impress homeowners and building owners with the final product he produces. We joke that Dave is among the few in the industry who can manage to make insulation look sexy. He takes pride in his work and the results it brings in terms of comfort and energy savings to homeowners. If you see him on your jobsite, you are about to get a job well done.