Pearl Certification

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Obtain Energy-Efficiency Certification That Adds Value to Your Home

We all know that adding energy-efficient products to our homes can help with saving money on heating and air conditioning and reducing our carbon footprint.

But did you know that you can obtain certification of specific energy-efficiency improvements that will increase the value of your home by 5%? For a $500,000 home, that’s an additional $25,000 in value!

By adding high-performing heating and cooling systems, solar photovoltaic, ENERGY STAR appliances and insulation in the attic and walls, you can obtain the Pearl Advantage Certification, along with making your home more healthy, comfortable, and energy independent and efficient.

To obtain the Pearl Certification, you need to work with a Pearl Advantage Network Contractor, one of the top building performance professionals in the country who are vetted and verified by Pearl and part of an elite network called the Pearly Advantage. Dolphin Insulation is a Pearl Advantage Network Contractor, and we can assure you that our insulation products and installation will not only help you obtain the Pearl Certification but also bring you greater comfort in your home and tremendous savings on your energy bill.

Learn more about the Pearl Certification or give us a call!

Hot Tip:

In addition to the value a Pearl Certification brings to your home when refinancing or selling, the heating and cooling savings from your certified energy-efficiency improvements are a great selling point.

Cool Fact:

Using healthy, green products creates a healthy, green environment in your home.