About Dolphin

Who are we?

alphens Chris, Tiffany and Amanda Alphen are the owners of Dolphin Insulation. You can learn more about each of them to the left. Together, the three owners call themselves the three-legged stool and work hard together to keep growing and be the best company they can be.  They enjoy networking together and brainstorming on ways to improve and keep homeowners happy!

What’s with the name?

People are always asking about our name. Dolphins, according to Tiffany, are highly intelligent creatures. They love people and they aim to please. We think we’re a lot like that. Make the intelligent choice with Dolphin…we’ll jump through hoops for you.

Whole House Systems

The concept of the whole-house system grew out of our long experience as professional painting contractors. When we were called to quote new paint jobs, we saw problems that were rooted in house issues much deeper than paint. When we corrected those issues (such as inferior insulation, mold and air leaks) then paint “held” on the houses much longer. With a whole-house analysis, we could also implement straight-forward adjustments that would drastically reduce heating and cooling costs. Folks understood this idea and most quickly became our clients.

Other Dolphin Businesses

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Contractors We Recommend

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